First: Thank you, Mr. Curtis, for your service to our country.

Second: One should not draw conclusions not in evidence. I did not make a “hero” out of George Zimmerman. Based on eyewitnesses, the jury found that he was clearly the victim of a young “thug” who forced him to act in self-defense.

Third: The encounter between Zimmerman and Martin would never have escalated to the need for self-defense if Martin had not stood in the shadows for four minutes to attack instead of walking 70 yards to where he was staying.

Fourth: It was only due to politics, including a change in prosecutors, that Zimmerman was even charged.

Fifth: My citation of facts was not an “indictment.” Rather, the facts were stated to counter the “talking points” and misinformation as put forth by the Brady Campaign.

Concealed carry is the law of the vast majority of states as an extension of the Second Amendment.

Unrestricted Concealed Carry States: 12 states (up by 10 states since 2008) including J.P. Curtis’s New England states of VT, ME and NH.

Shall Issue Permits States: 30. Mental health, criminal backgrounds and other logical prohibitions (age, blindness, etc.) necessary for denial.

May Issue Permits States: 8 and DC. In practice, NJ, MD, HI and DC are No Issue States due to the severe limitations i.e. issue only for known threats.

No Issue States: 0

Overview: There are about 30,000 gun deaths per year in the US. About 500 are accidental, 21,000 are suicides and 11,000 are homicides. Most of the murders are committed with illegal weapons by persons without a permit and/or ineligible.

Repeat: Thank you! Mr. Curtis for your service to our country. You protected my right to disagree with the Brady Campaign.

Congressman Frelinghuysen should be encouraged to follow through in support of concealed carrry reciprocity H.R. 38 and NJ should be moved toward “Shall Issue” status to become a more “equal protection under the laws” state.

Eskil S. Danielson, MA

Byram Township