Dream workshop at ISD
This Sunday, 1 to 4 pm

The Institute for Spiritual Development, 15 Sparta Ave., Sparta

SPARTA — The Institute for Spiritual Development is holding a class titled "All About Dreams" on May 20, from 1 to 4 pm. The event is hosted by Rev, Christina Fritsch. Cost is $60 for church members, and $80 for non-members.
Fritsch is a licensed professional counselor in private practice. This class will help you learn how to remember your dreams, interpret your dreams, change your dreams, and become a lucid dreamer. You will learn techniques for dream recall and dream intent. When you are in REM sleep, you access the mystical, spiritual realm where you can get answers to your questions.
ISD Church, 15 Sparta Ave. <URL destination="http://www.isdsparta.org/ ">www.isdsparta.org/
</URL>Phone: 973-551-5300 email: info@isdsparta.org