Hilltop hosts students from South Korea
In keeping with school's global education program

Visiting students from South Korea introduce Hilltop students to Korean games Photo provided

SPARTA — On Thursday and Friday, May 31 and June 1, Hilltop Country Day School hosted 16 students and 5 instructors from South Korea as part of a global education program. Eager to introduce a more global perspective to Hilltop students, Head of School, Kevin Folan, formed a relationship with Mi-sun Seo, Director of Apple Math, a learning center that prepares students for the most rigorous secondary schools and universities, to develop a two-way cultural exchange for students in grades 3 through 6.
"This is an exciting time to learn about the many changes taking place on the Korean peninsula," Folan said. "With the development of diplomatic relationships between North and South Korea and with our own government over the past few weeks, the timing of this visit was simply perfect.”
These Korean visitors had an opportunity to participate in classes, compete in the Upper School athletic pentathlon, and also had the chance to introduce traditional Korean games.
“I was amazed at how athletic my new friends were," said Sparta resident and current 5th grader William Antunes. "They taught us a few traditional Korean juggling games that were so much fun.”
While there was a variety of activities in which the students could engage, the best learning happened during casual conversations over pizza. The students were able to talk about differences and similarities in the culture, school, and home life.
Why develop a global learning program? NEA President, Dennis Van Roeke, said it best: “The 21st Century isn’t coming; it’s already here. And our students have the opportunity and challenge of living and working in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Schools must prepare our young people to understand and address global issues, and educators must re-examine their teaching strategies and curriculum so that all students can thrive in this global and interdependent society.”
Staying true to the mission, Hilltop prepares students not only for success in high school but also equips them with the necessary tools and skills to adapt to a rapidly changing global economy. Hilltop Country Day School is Sussex County’s only independent school serving students in preschool through Grade 8. Hilltop’s focus on project-based pedagogical approach allows students to see the real world relevance of their education.