Cowboy Larry at Wild West City
On National Cowboy Day, July 28

From left, Cowboy Larry Zwickel, Brave Beth Levinson, Sue Kids, Joe Giarrusso and Nola Haupert-Keill Photo courtesy of Cowboy Larry

BYRAM — National Cowboy Day has become a day of national celebration for the American cowboy and this year, the 11th Annual National Cowboy Day comes east to Wild West City in Byram Township on Saturday July 28.
As part of the celebration at Wild West City, “Cowboy Larry” Zwickel brings his Wild, Wild West Show to the family amusement park where the west comes alive every day during the season.
The mission of the National Day of the Cowboy non-profit organization is to contribute to the preservation of America's Cowboy heritage so that the history and culture which the United States Congress's National Day of the Cowboy resolution honors, can be shared and perpetuated for the public good, through education, the arts, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos, and community activities.
In an effort to have New Jersey included in the national list of states recognizing this tribute to the cowboy, Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths, representing the 24th District in which Wild West City is located, have submitted a resolution designating the 4th Saturday of July as National Day of the Cowboy. The resolution, AJR-145, was introduced on June 27 and has been referred to the Assembly State and Local Government Committee for review. As of this month, no action has been taken on the resolution.
A national award winning whip artist, Larry is the real deal when it comes to cowboys. Roping has become his latest passion. His roping demonstrations and lessons have audience members roping like pros in minutes. Larry intertwines entertainment with education, not just in roping, but other cowboy activities, a combination that the National Cowboy Day promotes.
Wild West City, originally conceived as a re-creation of Dodge City, features a broad main street lined by hitching rails, old wooden sidewalks and storefronts and assorted exhibits. A day at the park features stagecoach rides, and a host of shows and stunts as scenes from the old west, such as the Shootout at the OK Corral and horse riding exploits, are played out. An authentic one-room school house and a quaint chapel, which has actually served as the backdrop for weddings, are added attractions.
For more information about Wild West City, conveniently located just off of Route 80 near Route 206, please call (973) 347-8900 or visit the website at <URL destination=" ">