Dentistry Expert Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi: Dental Insurance

Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi

I just got dental insurance. What do all these words mean???
Dental insurance can be confusing at times! Some words that are commonly seen and used when reading about your coverage are:
• Deductible: The total amount of money you must pay for certain covered procedures before the insurance starts paying.
• Network: A group of dentists and practices that agree to provide treatment for a certain plan.
• Copay: A fixed amount that you will pay for a certain procedure. Dentists' charge for a certain procedure may vary, but this amount that you will pay will stay the same.
• Annual maximum: The total amount $ that your dental insurance will pay in a given year.
• Waiting period: (Can depend on your dental insurance) Certain amount of time you must wait before you're eligible to receive dental benefits.
Most importantly, be sure to call your insurance company to get a clearer explanation on the breakdown of your benefits!
Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi
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