Farm-to-table bill passes committee

Sen. Steven Oroho’s bill would promote farm-to-table businesses Statewide, by promoting restaurants on New Jersey’s tourism website.

TRENTON — Legislation sponsored by Senator Steven Oroho (R-24) to promote farm-to-table businesses Statewide has passed the Senate Economic Growth Committee.
“Farm-to-table restaurants provide vital opportunities for small businesses to compete in a new and rapidly-growing part of our vibrant agricultural tourism industry,” Senator Oroho said. “The impact of choosing a farm-to-table restaurant stretches far beyond a diner’s plate. By highlighting local restaurants that serve ‘Jersey Fresh,’ we’re feeding the future of New Jersey’s farms, restaurants, and our local economy.”
Oroho’s bill would direct the Division of Travel and Tourism to post information on farm-to-table restaurants on its website. The website, which is currently housed under the domain, would list the names, addresses, and other pertinent information about farm-to-table restaurants located across the Garden State.
In New Jersey, approximately one out of every 14 workers is supported by the tourism industry.
“New Jersey’s agriculture and tourism industries are a driving economic force that employs millions of families,” Oroho said. “Last year, more than 100 million tourists visited New Jersey, where they spent more than $10 billion on food and beverages. Encouraging travelers to visit farm-to-table destinations benefits our small farms, restaurants, and the community as a whole. This legislation is a win for all.”
Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths are sponsors of the Assembly bill which also enjoys bipartisan backing.