Dentistry Expert Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi: When to See a Dentist

Jonice Thompson Withanachchi

Why/when do I need to see a dentist?
Here are some common reasons why you may need to see a dentist:
1. You have pain or swelling in your mouth, face or neck
2. Your gums are acting up (ie. your gums are puffy, they bleed when you brush or floss)
3. You've recently had work done on your teeth such as fillings, crowns, implants, etc. It's important to see your dentist regularly to make sure they are in good shape.
4. You are pregnant. If you have some dental problems, pregnancy may actually make those problems worse, so it's important not to neglect your regular check-ups.
5. You have difficulty chewing or swallowing
6. You have dry mouth
7. You're experiencing jaw pain
8. You have spots or sores in your mouth
Dr. Jonice Thompson Withanachchi
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