Exhibit features work of three art teachers

A&E. To celebrate two years in business, George Segale Studios is featuring live music and a display of the artwork of three local Art Teachers, including the studio's owner.

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28 Oct 2019 | 10:48

Friday, Nov. 1 marks the second anniversary of George Segale Studios, an Art Studio at White Deer Plaza in Sparta.

The occasion will be celebrated with live music, food and drinks at the Lake House Cafe and White Deer Inn. Among the festivities will be photo studio giveaways plus a few surprises along the way. The gallery opening two years ago has united local artists.

“It has become a community within a community and I for one couldn’t be happier” Owner George Segale said.

Each month the studio features an artist and during November the work of Hopatcong High School Art teachers will be featured; Jonathan Rischawy, a guitar luthier, Edric Debos, an abstract artist, and the owner of the gallery, George Segale. Featured artist Edric Debos will perform his unique acoustic blend of funk-folk-fusion live on Nov. 1.

Jonathan Rischawy is an artist, designer, sculptor, and woodworker. He also builds custom guitars with local materials.

“I want my guitars to be individual creations, each one balanced in design, beauty, playability, and tone,” Rischawy said. “Although Mahogany doesn't grow anywhere near NJ, Black Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Poplar do, and are all great tonewoods.”

Rischawy studied art in college and received a BFA in Communication Design. After working in advertising and publishing, he's now an Art teacher in Hopatcong. Rischawy has also worked toward a Masters degree in painting, taking courses at the Academy of Art University.

Edric Debos has been an educator for more than 20 years and an artist for more than 50 years. At a young age he honed his illustration skills as well as his eye for visual composition, creative writing and music. His work often has a textural relief and vibrant color.

“In order to learn and grow you need to create” claimed Debos. This is how he continues to develop his craft(s) and it is also the methodology used in his classroom as well. Edric mentioned “We don’t teach coloring in this class- We make stuff here; we create!”

George Segale Graduated William Paterson University with a B.F.A. in Fine Art with a concentration in painting & sculpture. He completed his teaching credentials at New Jersey City University.

“For the past ten years or so, I stepped away from traditional art for film production and photography.” Segale said. Shortly after highlighting local artists he was back in the studio working on new techniques and studies. George was hesitant last November to show his own artwork stating that the gallery “wasn’t about him,” rather about illuminating all of the fantastic local talent Sparta has to offer. However, the artists that have now become good friends urged him to do it.

“The three of us are known around our building as the Art Guys," Segale said. “We make a great team. In the end, we all love what we do.".

November gallery hours are; 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

For more information call 973-707-8483 or send email to info@georgesegale.com.