Kammermusiker at Christ Church

A&E. A concert at Christ Church on Sept. 28 features Renaissance and Baroque music by current or former members of such orchestras as the Vienna Symphony and the New York Philharmonic.

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06 Sep 2019 | 08:19

The New York Kammermusiker will perform Renaissance and Baroque music at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 28 at Christ Episcopal Church, 62 Main St., Newton. The musicians are current or former members of; the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic and the New York Philharmonic. The group was formed in 1969 by Director Ilonna Pederson.

“We have a history of performing at Christ Episcopal Church in Newton,” said Pederson. “Joe Mello, the church’s musical director, has done a fine job of establishing the church as a venue for classical music and the acoustics are absolutely perfect.”

New York Kammermusiker members were trained to present music to youth, by Jeunesses Musicales de France. The ensemble also gives master classes and seminars on its tours. The group’s double-reed instruments have a fascinating history. In the Baroque era, composers J.S. Bach, Handel and Mozart also wrote extensively for the double-reeds.

The New York Kammermusiker features oboists Jeffrey Hale, John Frisch, and English horn player Ilonna Pederson and bassoonist Leonard Hindell. New York Kammermusiker’s albums: “A Renaissance Tour of Europe” and “A Baroque Celebration” are played on classical radio stations nationwide. A new recording of Celtic Music will be released shortly.

There is no admission fee, but a donation will be taken during the concert, with a reception afterward. For more information, visit www.christchurchnewton.org.