Local author pen's book about being a Pearl Harbor refugee

Augusta's Ann Gordon Bain, who works as a tennis pro in Sparta , has written a memoir about her childhood and family.

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| 10 Dec 2019 | 12:45

When Ann Gordon Bain was 6 years old and living in Oakland, California with strangers, she realized that home is where your suitcase is.

"For me, home became people more than a place," she said.

In her recently released memoir, Bain, who works as a tennis pro in Sparta, says she was a refugee three times and switched schools 14 times. Her mother was in a hospital "somewhere," while her brothers, "aged nine and eleven, were staying alone in a hotel in San Francisco. My father was across an ocean."

She and her adventuresome, well-traveled, civilian parents, lived in Asia and Hawaii. Several months after the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese, she and her mother went to the U.S. as refugees. Bain, who now lives in Augusta, tells her life story in"Life on the Move," a self-published memoir, available at Sparta Books.