Kittatinny students learn about jewelry making

Youth. Kittatinny art class students recently learned about a unique process for making distincitive jewelry.

09 Oct 2019 | 07:27

Lauren Eckert, an artist at Peter’s Valley School of Craft, shared her special artwork with Kittatinny art students last week. She's a graduate of Temple University’s metal arts program she creates jewelry through a unique anondizing electrolyte process.

Using distilled water, phosphate, and a micro anodizer Lauren alters the color of titanium. She said the amps should always be at one, but the voltage determines the color. The colder the water, the more vivid the color will be. Lauren also discussed using a water resistant tape to create shapes or patterns on your pieces.

Niobium may also be used in this process, she said, but it is much more expensive metal. After coloring her metal pieces, Lauren welds them to create her distinctive jewelry.