Many reasons to head to the library this summer

09 Aug 2019 | 05:23
Despite the fact that so many have a smart phone and can look up just about anything on it, Sussex County Library System Director, Will Porter, said, “We’re busier than ever. We had over 750,000 circulation transactions last year, and are well on our way to exceeding that this year.”There's still plenty of summer left, so how about taking a ride to one of Sussex County Library's branches. The library system recently created a list of reasons to visit the library.How about you're in a book rut? It's obvious that if you visit the library, you'll find a book, but you may be surprised at the great recommendations staff can lend, the rotating book displays and new releases. The library has databases for book recommendations. Hey, you may stop in for one and leave with an armful of books with enchanting stories.Another reason to visit the library is to improve your child's reading skills. Children can read by themselves, to you or even to a dog or stuffed animal. The point is: they're reading. Reading with your child is also a way to do something together either at the library or at home. There are also special events at the library. For example, on Friday, August 16th at 3 pm, the Sussex-Wantage branche will host “Child/Parent Yoga.”What if you have been dubbed the family historian? Library staff love to help people find out something about their history, in particular local history and genealogy (this is available at the main library). The library has a great collection of books, newspapers, microfilm, maps, files, journals and transcripts. You can also use the Ancestory website free of charge at all branches and HeritageQuest either in the library or at home.Looking to improve your health and wellness? The library has a host of books and DVDs on healthy living and hosts programs on nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc.If you own a small business, libraries are a great resource for high-speed and wireless internet access, printing and faxing, notary services, reference materials, and free business databases. The Main Library now has a small business center with poster printer.For those who love to cook, the library has countless books and resources for recipes, techniques and new and creative dishes.Looking for a job? Technology has drastically change the job search landscape. In today's digital arena, it's hard to stand out, but the library can help. A workshop will be held at the Louise Childs Branch at 1:00 p.m. on August 22. Appointments for 1:1 resume assistance are also available by calling the Main Library at 973 948-3660 ext. 3418.For those who want to keep up with current trends, the library is a great resource. What's hot in the retail market? What's new and different? What is replacing an old method? CBD oil has been in the news a lot of late. There will be a program addressing CBD oil and its uses at the Main Library on August 17, at 10:00 a.m.The final reason the library system gave is that your library card not only allows you to take out books, movies, music and more, but it's your ticket to online databases, media and apps.“We overhauled our Youth Services staff last year,” Porter said, “And now have a dedicated staff member working on kids’ and teen services at all six of our libraries.“We’ve never had more Saturday hours than we do right now,” said Kathleen Freisinger, who works within the library system. “All six of our locations are now open 9-5 on Saturdays.You can call us or use the chat feature on our website for personal assistance, even after hours—until 11pm on weekdays, 9pm Saturdays and Sundays.,” Porter added.“Technology has been great for the Sussex County Library System, and public libraries nationwide,” Porter said. “There’s a lot of information available online that has changed the way we conduct and prioritize what we used to call ‘ready reference’. Before the widespread adoption of smartphones, we used to have to expend a lot of resources maintaining collections of expensive books to answer all kinds of questions, from bar bets to business development facts. These days, in addition to providing folks who don’t have it with access to the internet or to our subscription databases for those kinds of questions, we can focus more of our attention on things like early literacy, cultural or educational events, helping jobseekers and small businesses, and keeping our doors open more hours per week. Those things often had to take a back seat to the cost of reference books in the old days.”The library system is working hard to be useful and relevant to everyone in the community.“While folks tend sometimes to think of a public library as a place for kids, those kids’ parents and caregivers, and seniors, we really do have something for everyone,” Porter said. “The library is one of the few remaining civic spaces where you don’t have to buy anything or otherwise justify your presence to spend time with other members of the community, learning or just enjoying yourself.”Public libraries in general are incredibly popular as Pew has documented over the past several years. Visit: for Children & Teens will be held at the Sussex Wantage Branch on August 26 at 1:00 p.m. Kids and teens are invited to unleash their future superstar selves, or just have fun singing along. Register by stopping by or calling the Sussex-Wantage Branch at 973 875-3940.Students from around the county can also find their summer reading books at the library. It's August: time to get that taken care of before the dreaded “s” word happens in September.For further information about the Sussex County Library System, its offerings and locations, visit: