Solutions for college funding

YOUTH. Parents can attend a free seminar to help them learn strategies for financing their children's education.

17 Sep 2019 | 11:49

    New Jersey parents suffering with finding ways to pay for their children's college education can finally get solutions to their college funding problems. Most families who earn $100,000 or more and own a home assume they are not eligible for financial aid. However, many families with income of more than $150,000 are actually eligible for some types of "need based" financial aid.

    Newell offers a few simple tips to parents with college funding problems.

    "If a parent has only half an hour to end their college funding problems, I would suggest the following: 1) make sure they do not over-value their home on the financial aid forms. 2) try not to save money in child's name as it weighs more heavily than parent's savings and 3) don't be afraid to negotiate with a college for a better financial aid package."

    Newell offers a free booklet that explains the 9 most common college funding problems and solutions. Free copies will be distributed at the seminar listed below. Newell will hold a free one-hour seminar at the Louise Childs Public Library in Stanhope at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. Reservations are required and seating is limited. Call 1-800-928-8464 for information and reservations.