Students compete in Robotics qualifier

Youth. Local schools competed in Robotics this weekend, and one of the competitions was to see who could collect the most food items for a local mission.

24 Nov 2019 | 01:52

Twelve teams competed in the First Lego League (FLL) Robotics competition on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019, which was held at Helen Morgan School in Sparta and hosted by the Newton Robotics Team.

The event included a competition for most donations brought to the competition for the benefit of "Manna House" in Newton, which has as its mission "feeding the homeless, elderly, mentally ill, the lonely, the poor, ...and those who fall through the cracks for public assistance." Green Hills School #28805 won the award for collecting the most items for Manna House.

Following the competition, coaches this week will debrief their team members on results.The winner of the Robot Design Award were Tech Warriors #48629 The Project Award was won by team OW! #15153. The Core Values Award was presented to Rambotics #24137. The Robot Performance Award was won by Juggernauts #44414.

Coach Jim Hofmann, who coordinated the event, said that Newton teams advancing to Mount Olive are GHS #28805 and Juggernauts #44414.

The event was made possible by volunteers including volunteer judges, and also by Mark Meola and the Sparta High School Robotics team who ran the concessions.

Robotics Winners
Robot Design Award:
Tech Warriors #48629
Project Award:
OW! #15153
Core Values Award:
Rambotics #24137
Overall Champion Award:
GHS #28805
Robot Performance Award:
Juggernauts #44414
Participating Teams:
1. Juggernauts #44414
2. Spicy Comrades #45096
3. GHS Robotics #28805 (Green Hills School)
4. PRM Robotics #28685
5. Team OW! #15153
6. Hubotics #46754
7. Tech Warriors #48629
8. Sparta HMS #45470 (Sparta Helen Morgan School)
9. Robot Rebels #3307 (Lafayette MS)
10. Wait for it #20884
11. Rambotics #24137 (Byram Middle School)
12. Andover Team 2 #13787 (Andover Long Pond School)