Where in Byram? (Not Stanhope!)

| 30 Dec 2020 | 04:48

Our apologies for mislabeling last week’s clue as being in Stanhope. Thanks to our loyal Where in? players for setting us straight.

Joe Novak of Byram writes that the clue is “’The Rock’ at Neil Gyling field (actually in Byram not Stanhope). It’s alongside the ball field and across from the school house museum, tennis courts and Byram Municipal Building.”

Others to get it right are Brooke Donaldson, Janett Gibbons, and Donna Frenenski of Stanhope; Janet Smith of Andover; and John Loux of Newton.

And kudos to Linda Sulpy of Byram, who submitted the correct answers to the previous week’s Liquor Factory clue that arrived a bit late for our early holiday deadlines.

Thank you for playing along.