Where in Byram Township?

| 19 Nov 2020 | 01:09

Congratulations to the many readers who nailed the answer to last week’s Where in Byram Township? clue.

“Cranberry Market and Deli, Rt 206 & Tamarack Rd, Byram township,” writes Larry Rotter of Byram Township.

Spot on. Others to get it right are James Brembt of Byram; Larry Condit of Newton; Guy Puffer, Robert Pittenger, Brigitte Dehlin, and Noah McClung of Andover; Marybeth DiBernard, Janett Gibbons and Donna Frenenski of Stanhope; Bob Woods of Newton; Moose MacMillan of Denville; and Erik Burneyko of Green Township.

Thank you for playing along.