Where in Newton?

| 27 Aug 2020 | 03:02

Congratulations to the many readers who nailed the answer to last week’s Where in Newton? clue.

“The fabulous Newton Theater,” writes Jodi Shaw of Newton, correctly.

“The Newton Theatre, also known as The NEWT, located at 234 Spring St., Newton,” writes Colleen Walsh White of Newton.

Others to get it right are, from Newton: Stephanie DeFelice, Hank Ramberger, Kathleen Ann Bianco, Sandy Tiscornia, John E. Loux, Bob Woods, Larry Condit, Cathy Ogrodnik, Carl Lazzaro, and Gerri C. Covello; from Stanhope: Penny Anton, Donna Frenenski, William Corin, Donna Frenenski, and Seamus Widmaier; from Andover: Patricia Cartwright, Erik Burneyko, Linda Sulpy, Guy Puffer, Scott Bozzone, Rick Scherr, and Fred Shubert.

Thank you for playing along!