Where in Newton?

Newton /
| 18 Feb 2021 | 12:17

Congratulations to readers who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Newton? clue.

Bob Woods offers his usual erudite answer: “The 90-ton, 33-foot tall Soldiers and Sailors Monument is dedicated to the Defenders of the Union from 1861-1865. It stands tall on the County Green, corner of Rt 94, and Rt 206 in downtown Newton. It was installed and dedicated on Sept 5, 1895, and built by the Sussex County Freeholders.”

Guy Puffer of Andover provides more detail, “Dedicated in 1895, soldier atop is overseeing the area at “parade rest” position.”

Joseph Scozzafava, Louis Schnell, and Larry Condit of Newton; and Chris Cooke and Brigitte Dehlin of Andover.

Thank you for playing along.