Where in Stanhope?

| 16 Sep 2021 | 11:23

There were many delightful and informative responses accompanying correct answers to last week’s Where in Stanhope? clue.

Ramona Dooley of Stanhope writes, “Bell’s Mansion, Stanhope. I am a plein air artist and have done paintings of Bell’s Mansion from this location. This is a view from the old Morris Canal.”

Guy Puffer of Andover writes, “I think the Journal’s photographer just turned around and snapped the photo as it’s right across the street from last weeks tennis courts!”

Extra points for that observation!

Larry Condit of Newton that it has “beautiful gardens in the back where they grow some of their own vegetables for the restaurant.”

Donna Frenenski writes, “Prior to Bell’s Mansion, it was the home of HK Salmon, a prominent Stanhope resident.”

Moose MacMillan of Denville writes that it was “built between 1835 & 1840 by Robert P. Bell.”

Bob Woods of Newton writes, “Also known as Salmon Brothers (local Road Builders and builders of New Jersey’s first Concrete highway).”

Other readers to get the answer right are Elisabeth Eliason of Andover and Anna Marie Klaver and Marybeth DiBernard of Stanhope.

Superb job this week, Where In players.