Where in Stanhope?

| 05 Mar 2021 | 12:27

Congratulations to readers who correctly identified the detail in last week’s Where in Stanhope? clue.

Janett Gibbons of Stanhope writes, “The answer is Sunnyside Nursery on 206 South almost at Waterloo Road in Stanhope.”

That’s the one! Others to get it right are Joseph Scozzafava, Bob Woods, and Larry Condit of Newton; Jaclyn Cunneely and Guy Puffer of Andover; and Linda White of Stanhope.

And a late acknowledgement to readers who correctly identified the previous week’s clue as the building on Lake Musconetcong by the dam on Route 183: Ed Pavlick, Janett Gibbons, and Donna Frenenski (“A popular swimming hole when the lifeguard at the beach wasn’t looking”), all of Stanhope; and Louis Schnell of Newton.

Thank you for playing along.