Where in Stanhope?

| 13 Nov 2020 | 11:48

Congratulations to readers who knew where to find the detail in last week’s Where in Stanhope? clue.

Guy Puffer of Andover writes, “Byram Township CVS Pharmacy at Lackawanna Drive, and Route 206. Mailing address is Stanhope.”

Bob Woods of Newton offers some interesting background: “This is the current CVS, Rt 206, Byram. Across from the Byram Shoprite. It replaced the Barones’/Lockwood Tavern and restaurant built in 1807. In 1816 it became the Mckains’ Hotel and was a popular stagecoach stop for people coming from Stanhope. Rooms cost 121/2 cents, or share a bed for 8 cents.”

Others to get it right are Larry Condit, Louis Schnell, and Joe Scozzafava of Newton; Donna Frenenski, Nancy Scholz, and Janett Gibbons of Stanhope; Erik Burneyko of Andover.

Thank you for playing along.