School violence awareness

Youth. In keeping with School Violence Awareness Week, Durban Avenue students learned to use the "High Five" method when encountering physically aggressive behavior: ignore, walk away, speak friendly, speak firmly, and report violent behavior to an adult.

30 Oct 2019 | 12:16

This year during School Violence Awareness Week, students at Durban Avenue School practiced using the "High Five" method after School Counselor Lisa Schuffenhauer read the book "One" by Kathryn Atoshi. The book's message is that sometimes it takes just one person to help others stand up for themselves. High Five illustrates five things to try when having a small problem with peer; ignore, walk away, talk friendly, talk firmly, and report to an adult.

Students were taught the difference between conflict and bullying, as well as when to go to an adult for help or support. All week long students participated in lessons focused on peaceful problem solving, including teamwork in gym, peaceful pictures in art, and bucket filling songs in music. Team Bucket Fillers, the student Climate and Culture Team, also created a video for all students on how to use the buddy bench. They demonstrated asking peers if they wanted to play, walk, or talk. The week concluded with Chalk It Up for Peace at recess.