Bella MediSpa celebrates 30 years, introduces innovative services

Business. A look behind the scenes at Bella MediSpa.

05 Oct 2019 | 11:44

Bella MediSpa & Salon is celebrating 30 years. In that time, owner Laura Rinaolo has evolved her business with client wishes.

Q: You started the business as Tanfastic in 1989. How did you begin?

A: I worked for my dad in the same building upstairs called Sparta Insurance. The truth is, I was a pretty wild kid at 19, albeit a responsible one working since I was 10 years old. My brother sublet his paper route to me at a premium. All of us have the self employed gene. He thought having my own business would tame me a bit I worked 9-5 upstairs then 5-9 downstairs. Then I went out. So much for the taming. We added the nail salon upstairs in 1994 called “At Your Fingertips."

Q: What was your impetus to grow your services and change the name to The Spa at Bella Boutique?

A: By 2000, my dad had retired, and we forced the remaining tenant out so we could take over the rest of the building. I was a corporate raider way before there was such a thing. Just kidding, they wanted to move to another location anyway. At that point we began offering spa services and retail so a name change was in order.

Q: Bella partners with Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi?

A: I met Dr. Asaadi in 1996 when he did my nose...By 2005, our then medical director was moving back to Greece. I called Dr. Asaadi's office and he just happened to be looking for an additional location up here...Dr Asaadi is an absolute artist with injections. In addition, he invented the blunt nosed needle delivery system to do under eye filler. This fills in any depressed area caused by collagen loss/hereditary and lessens the under eye darkening. One injection point in each cheek and your eyes look rejuvenated instantly. He's back at Bella Monday October 28th.

Q: When and why did you decide to become a MediSpa and when?

A: A MediSpa offers corrective procedures in a spa setting. I've always had a love of researching products, constantly on the look out for the best and most effective. “Most effective” meant needing it purchased and done under a medical license with specifically trained personnel. We split the salon in 2014. One side is Bella MediSpa and the other is Bella MediSpa & Salon.

We do most every type of salon service. On the MediSpa side, we are focused on skin/body rejuvenation and looking your most natural best self. (Research) usually entails going to multiple facilities in multiple states trying different versions of the what we are looking at. Our most recent and exciting addition is head nurse, Jose Garces. He brings with him an extensive knowledge of IV Vitamin Therapy and services that include Glutathione for skin brightening, B-12 shots for energy and fat loss, peptides for growth hormone release, mineral blends for optimal health and body function, weight loss management and Bro-Tox (Botox for men). Soon he will be adding PRP for hair loss.

Q: Explain your new Microneedling with Radio Frequency.

Vivace is the most exciting medical device we've seen thus far. Vivace not only allows you to do both microneedling and radio frequency at the same time, the results are far superior with zero down time.

I like to say I was prophetic turning a tanning salon into a MediSpa that focuses on sun damage removal. We even have some of the same clients. Alas, it was just where the industry and life took us.

Bella MediSpa is located at 277 Newton Sparta Road at the boarder of Sparta and Newton. For information, visit