'Made in New Jersey Manufacturing Day'

Youth. Sussex County College board members took center stage at the annual New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program's (NJMEP) "Made in New Jersey Manufacturing Day" event recently. SCCC Board of Trustee member James Hofmann and Thorlabs received awards.

10 Feb 2020 | 12:23

The New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) recently hosted its eighth annual "Made in New Jersey Manufacturing Day" with Sussex County Community College (SCCC) Board of Trustee member, James Hofmann, as keynote speaker. Hofmann and Thorlabs were presented with awards.

Hofmann is also a STEM teacher at Newton High School. He invited students from the varsity Newton Robotics team to take part in the presentation.

The students discussed their passion for robotics, and their hope for turning the skills learned in school into careers. A robot engineered by the team then took center stage as the Robotics Team demonstrated its abilities.

Thorlabs, Inc., an integrated photonics manufacturer that teams with SCCC to provide quality education to its STEM programs, was named Manufacturer of the Year – Large.

Receiving the award on behalf of the company was Tyler Morgus, Thorlab’s Business Unit Leader and a member of the SCCC Board of Trustees.

Thorlabs and the other award-winning businesses were chosen for pushing the boundaries on progress, supporting its employees, and contributing to the local economy.

NJMEP Manufacturing Day brought together more than 500 business leaders from the manufacturing, logistics, and related industries to discuss the current state of the industry and its future.