Financial literacy for middle schoolers?

03 Jan 2019 | 04:31

    Financial literacty is now a required subject at New Jersey's middle schools.
    On Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019 legislation was signed (A-1414) calling for 6th through 9th graders to be taught personal financial responsibility skills such as grasping the concepts of debt, credit, budgeting, and investing.
    Acting Governor Sheila Oliver today said that "financial responsibility is an important acquired life skill and with the increasing financial challenges millenials face, it is a skill that must be a necessary party of our educational curriculum."
    Sponsors of the bill include Senators Ron Ric and Dawn Marie Addiego and Assemblymembers Nicholas Chiaravallotti, Eliana Pintor Marin, Jamel Holley, Angela McKnight, Benjie Wimberly, and Annette Quijano.
    “I am delighted the financial literacy bill was signed into law, so students can receive education on key topics that they will need for the rest of their lives,” said Senator Addiego. “We must reach people early on in life so they can plan ahead and build a foundation of financial knowledge that will help them live an independent lifestyle.”
    She noted that managing one's own finances can prevent bad decision making later on in life.
    Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop said that the lessons include "critical tools" that will "impact them every day" as adults.
    Acting Governor Oliver signed the bill at President Barack Obama Elementary School – PS 34 in Jersey City.