New businesses breathing life into community

01 May 2013 | 10:14

    A light agenda and some committee reports gave way to some announcements and updates about what’s happening these days in Andover Township. Here is a recap of Monday’s meeting:

    Committee members have been attending a few grand openings for new businesses in town and celebrating much-needed tax ratables for the municipality. Sussex Bike and Sport Shop opened its second location in the county at 231 Newton Sparta Road next to Liquor Factory.

    “Four of us attended the grand opening and it was packed the first day. It’s exciting to see that whole center busy and active. And now an ice cream store will be opening soon next to Pezzo Pizza,” reported Deputy Mayor Mike Lensak.

    Lensak also commented on the company Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services off of Stickles Pond Road: “It’s a welcoming and friendly place. They built a beautiful facility inside and the atmosphere was vibrant and alive. It’s nice to welcome new neighbors to Andover.”

    Committee members also got their hands dirty. Mayor Tom Walsh threw out the first pitch at last Saturday’s Andover Girl’s softball and boys little league opening games while Lensak lent his tractor helping to spread over 35 tons of clay on the little league ball field.

    “We had a successful opening day with over 150 little leaguers attending the opening ceremonies,” said Walsh.

    Committee member Janis McGovern reported that May 6 is Andover Township’s annual senior luncheon honoring senior of the year. The good news is one only has to be 55 years old to join the Andover seniors. “Please keep that in mind because we have to keep perpetuating our members,” said Blackburn.

    Blackburn also reported that Andover’s Board of Education due to decreased attendance in the schools will eliminate four positions for the 2013/2014 school year to include two teachers, a counselor and an administrator.

    Saturday, April 27 is medication safe disposal day, a county wide initiative where residents are encouraged to dispose of any expired or unwanted prescriptions. There will be a container for disposal at the Andover Township Police Department, Franklin Police Department, Hamburg Police Department, Newton and Byram Shop Rites and S.C.U.M.A. in Lafayette. For more information call 973-383-4787or

    Sustainable Andover is running a fundraiser Baseball Mania where people can download music with a chance to win other prizes. Tickets cost $20 online at or call David Kolstad at 908-472-0648.

    After only three weeks, Sustainable Andover is earning nearly $1000.

    Mayor Tom Walsh, who is up for re-election for a three-year term committee seat, officially challenged his opponent Ellsworth “Ben” Bensley to a debate at the Hillside Barn. The primary is June 4.