NOFA holds membership drive

Public Health. the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey

01 Dec 2019 | 01:39

    This month is the Northeast Organic Farming Association's (NOFA) Annual Membership Drive. NOFA hopes members will renew membership, and hopes new members will join. Organic farmers grow healthy food and healthy communities. The group's mission is to support the growth of organic agriculture in New Jersey. Through NOFA-NJ, you can help local farmers develop the skills to farm organically and develop resilient business models. By supporting our efforts to expand organic farming in New Jersey, you’re helping to make fresh, local food available to more people in New Jersey. You’re also making a commitment to responsible stewardship of land and to increasing capacity in local economies.

    Organic agriculture has made important in-roads into changing our food system for the better and helping small farmers stay competitive. Membership costs just $40 for individuals, $20 for students and veterans, and $70 for families or farms.

    With your membership, you are entitled to a listing on the Farm and Food Guide, Discounted Rate for the Winter Conference on February 1, 2020 and many other benefits.

    You will also enjoy registration discounts to NOFA NJ Workshops and Conferences, discounts off of purchases with Johnny's Selected Seeds and High Mowing Orders, participation in NOFA NJs Bulk Ordering Program, and a subscription to the Natural Farmer.

    The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey can be contacted by calling 908-371-1111 or by visiting, or by sending email to