Queen of the Fair gives back to county Throws benefit concert this Friday

May 31 2017 | 03:48 AM

By Laurie Gordon
SUSSEX — When Kelly Wask was crowned Queen of the Fair last August, the Wantage resident said the event to which she was most looking forward as queen was Sussex County's Got Talent. It's no coincidence because: this girl's got talent. Her voice is both angelic and powerful and when she belts out a song, it's something, simply, magical.
Wask went off to college in the fall, but now she's back for the summer and in keeping with the type fo person she is, she's giving back to the community in which she grew up and doing a concert for charity. The benefit concert will take place on Friday, June 2nd, from six to seven thirty pm. at Saint Monica’s Church in Sussex New Jersey. All proceeds will be divided equally and donated to the Wantage Animal Shelter and to Birth Haven. Wask chose the Wantage Animal Shelter to help them care for and find homes for animals in her home town. She chose Birth Haven for the work they do in Sussex County providing shelter and appropriate services for homeless, pregnant girls and women.
Wask just completed her first year at Five Towns College in Long Island NY. She has put a lot of thought into how she could use her reign as Sussex County’s queen to serve her community. Born with a passion for song and having had the opportunity to grow up in Sussex County, surrounded by the most inspiring Music Teachers, Choral Directors, Vocal Coaches and Talented Peers, Wask decided to host and perform at a concert featuring some of Sussex County’s greatest young talent.
All of the performers will be volunteering their time to make sure the night is a success. Some of the performers for the evening are Wask's ormer teammates and are students at Elisa Girlando Studios. As a coach, friend and mentor to Kelly, Elisa Girlando was happy to help her with this event. Other performers are Wask's friends, accomplished vocalists in our community that perform in school musicals and for the love of it.
Saint Monica’s Church in Sussex was Wask's first choice for the venue. Her parish community has been so warm and welcoming to her, she is at home there. Wask was part of the Church Choir and cantered there for two years under the direction of Judith Consentino before leaving for college.
“As Miss Wantage 2016 and Queen of the Fair 2016, I decided to hold this fundraiser because I wanted to hold some sort of event and raise money for local organizations,” Wask said. “Being in Long Island for school this past year, it was difficult for me to do so because I was far away from home. Now that I'm home and still 'reining,' I am able to hold this fundraiser and raise money for local charities. Sussex County gave me the crown and these special titles. I feel that by holding this fundraiser, I am giving back to the town and the county for all that they have done for me."
Five Towns College is a private music school hidden in the woods right off the Long Island Expressway. Wask's major is Jazz/Commercial Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance.
Of music, Wask said, “Music has had such an impact on my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to sing. Once I realized my love for music at a young age, I knew that it was going to follow me for the rest of my life. All throughout grade school, I kept practicing and learning more about this form of art, eventually leading to my decision to major in music. My supportive family was with me and still is every step of the way. Attending college now is so wonderful because I'm doing what I love every single day. I don't think I could imagine myself doing anything else.”
“Being crowned Queen of the Fair has meant the absolute world to me,” Wask said. “Originally, I ran for Miss Wantage because I wanted more practice with public speaking. I've always been pretty shy and I thought that by entering a pageant, it would bring me out of my shell a little bit. I wasn't expecting to win or anything. When I did, I felt so proud to be chosen as the young woman to represent my home town. Winning this pageant made me eligible for the Queen of the Fair pageant. Winning that crown was a dream in itself that I never thought would happen in a million years, but I wanted it. Throughout the summer, I did pageant question exercises with my mom, I practiced 'the walk,' and I practiced whatever I could that would make me prepared. All of that hard work and preparation sure did pay off in the end. Winning the crown was probably one of the best moments of my life. Looking back, I've become a lot more confident and it has helped me tremendously with my public speaking. This has been a year that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”
Wask is delighted to be giving back to the county that has given her so much this past year and invites as many people as possible to come to the concert on Friday evening. In Lieu of a formal admission charge, a donation can be made at the door prior to the start of the concert. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated. Saint Monica’s Church is located at 33 Unionville Avenue in Sussex. The concert will be held from 6 to 7:30 pm.