Sherrill secures funding for Stanhope water

Stanhope. Rep. Mikie Sherrill secures funding approval for all congressional community Project Proposals for Fiscal Year 2022, including the Stanhope Water Main replacement. The funding bills will now be considered by Full House Appropriations Committee and voted on by the House.

| 20 Jul 2021 | 03:17

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) announced today that all 10 of the community projects she submitted on behalf of NJ-11 received funding approval in the House Appropriations Committee fiscal year 2022 funding bills.

One of them is the $250,000 Stanhope Water Main Replacement.

The funding would be used for the replacement of undersized water mains on Sunset Avenue, Ridge Road, and Overhill Road in Stanhope Borough. The water mains are 70 years old and past their useful lifespan.

Sherrill said it is essential that the aging drinking water infrastructure be replaced as the current water main system is unreliable.

Replacement will also improve the borough’s overall waterflow, advancing public safety and emergency preparedness.

In this extremely competitive process, Sherrill was able to garner initial funding approval for all ten of her project requests. The next steps for these Appropriations funding bills are first to be considered by the full House Appropriations Committee, and then to be considered and voted on by the full House on the floor.

Following House passage, they will then need to clear the Senate.

The Senate has not yet indicated whether it will include Community Funding Projects in their legislation.

“I’m thrilled that all 10 of the projects I submitted to the House Appropriations Committee received funding approval in the FY22 funding bills,” said Rep. Sherrill. “The Community Projects Funding process has provided the opportunity to make an overwhelming impact throughout the district. These projects were submitted by nonprofits and municipal organizations who are working hard to meet the needs of their communities. If enacted, this potential funding could be the difference that gets them across the finish line. Whether they’re infrastructure enhancements or mental health support programs or expansions of affordable housing and childcare, these ten projects will each make a lasting impact on the lives, livelihoods, and resilience of the communities they serve across all four NJ-11 counties. Now is the time to keep fighting to ensure this funding remains in these appropriations bills and makes its way into our communities. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to include these critical projects in their appropriations process, and deliver New Jersey the support we deserve.”