Spark the Fire

Community. The YMCA's "Spark the Fire" show cased activities of Fairview Lake YMCA Camp.To donate to this Annual Campaign, visit

28 Jan 2020 | 04:22

The community has opportunity to donate to local YMCAs as part of their annual campaign to support YMCA services.

“This is the first event we've had at the camp,” said executive director Marc Koch. “In prior years, this was an Association-wide other words, all of the Metropolitan YMCAs of the Oranges branches did a kickoff together at one location, usually at the Hanover Manor in Hanover.”

Having people physically see the camp was the impetus behind holding Spark the Fire at Fairview Lake, a camp with cabins, trails, lots of activities all set on a pristine lake up in the hills of bucolic Stillwater.

“Nothing brings people together like sitting around a campfire - sharing warmth, light stories, and songs,” Koch said. “On Sunday we invited families to 'Spark the Fire' and spread the warmth of camp to more families, children and adults.”

“All funds [from this Annual Campaign] will go directly to children and families who wish to attend any of our programs...summer campers, family campers, schools who cannot afford a trip to camp, etc.,” Koch said.

Fairview Lake Camp embodies a host of programs including: Environmental Education, Family Camps, Women’s Wellness Weekend, Safety Around Water, summer camps, peer leadership programs for teens, community days (such as Polar Plunge, Easter Egg Hunt, Community Harvest Day, Fishing Derby, and more).

Monies raised will help facilitate these programs and assistance generally stays close to home.

“Much of our financial assistance is awarded to children and families from Sussex County and the surrounding communities,” Koch said. “If someone cannot afford our programs, we will help them.”

Spark the Fire was a great success and truly led by example showcasing all of the programs and activities Fairview Lake YMCA Camp has to offer.

To donate to this Annual Campaign that will enable all of these vital initiatives to continue, visit