Newton online crime maps

| 30 Oct 2019 | 01:10

    The Newton Police Department believes that sharing information about criminal activity and about the Police efforts to stop crime, helps to build trust and accountability. To further Newton's efforts, police have provided an online map of recent police activity in the Town of Newton, and encourages the public to view the map, and to report tips related to the activity the public sees posted online.

    Newton Police recognize that the public plays a role in preventing crime, but also in helping to solve crime.

    The public can view the mapped crimes and report a tip to the police with information surrounding that event, by sending email, text, or by stopping by Headquarters, or by calling police at (973) 383-2525.

    Members of the public are advised not to take action on their own, but to remain vigilant and to notify police of any criminal or suspicious behavior, including hate crimes.

    The information in the CrimeReports online map is updated daily.

    To register your home or residential camera with police, visit https//