Officers honored by MADD for service against impaired driving

04 Jul 2019 | 10:58

By Mandy Coriston
Two Andover Township Police Department patrol officers have been recognized for their work to police and prevent impaired driving. On June 13, Ptl. Michael Haggerty and Ptl. David Northern were given commendations from the New Jersey chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for work done during 2018.
MADD, founded in 1980, bestows the annual awards to law enforcement officers who exemplify what the organization calls proactive enforcement, prevention, and meritorious lifesaving efforts in keeping impaired drivers off the roads. The awards are based on arrest records and personal nominations. ATPD Chief Eric Danielson said his officers’ work is part of their larger community policing policy.
“Each of our officers receives advanced training in DWI detection for alcohol and other illegal substances,” the chief said, “I’m proud of the efforts of these two officers, and we appreciate MADD-NJ for recognizing them. We will all continue to monitor our roadways to make them safe for everyone.”