Captains hope to lead team to memorable season

SPORTS. The tennis team's senior captains hope to lead the team to the league championship.

01 Oct 2019 | 01:29

Eve Sylvester and Olivia Martin, the senior captains of the Newton High School girl’s tennis program are not only accomplished on the court, but in the classroom as well.

“Both Eve and Olivia had maintained very rigorous schedules throughout their high school careers and both are currently exploring their college options,’’ Newton head coach Chris Boyle said.

“Eve balances her tennis commitment with high academic standards as well as being involved in high level competitive cheerleading," the coach said. "Olivia as well balances a heavy academic schedule with participating in high level swimming.’’

Martin began tennis at age 15.

“My first time holding a tennis racket was at a captain’s practice for the Newton tennis team,’’ Martin said. “Some of my strengths would be communicating with my doubles partner. I am also good at hyping up the girls for the matches."

Her goals include seeing the team become league champions.

“It would be awesome if we did since this season was dedicated to Lexi Faye, if we could win it in her honor," she said.

Sylvester started tennis at 15, also., she credits her sister, who was a member of the Newton girl’s tennis program with introducing her to tennis. She noted her stamina and serve are her strengths.

“My family members and friends have been extremely positive influences in my career by constantly supporting me and lifting my spirits when I need it most,’’ Sylvester said. “Also, my coach, Chris Boyle has influenced me immensely by teaching me how to play smart and encouraging me every time that I have been doubting myself."

Newton competes in the NJAC Colonial Division. They have a home match scheduled versus Colonial Division opponent Vernon on Oct. 3.

This year’s team has also tremendous contributions from first and third singles players, Arianna Gali (first single), Kaylee Westerfield (third singles) as well as out doubles players Maddy Chymiy and Brittany Reimer (first doubles) and Hayden Caico (Olivia’s partner at second doubles).

“We are currently leading our Division and are looking to win our first Divisional title in 19 years," the coach said. "We look forward to a strong end to our regular season and a successful run in the (NJSIAA) State Tournament.’’