Kittatinny United Soccer U-14 Girls wins two championships

Sports. Kittatinny United Soccer is gearing up for spring soccer, which starts in early April.

| 03 Mar 2020 | 02:35

Over the past eight Saturdays Kittatinny United Soccer U-14 Girls Soccer won two titles on the same day. Competing in both the Premier and Flight 1 divisions in the Marauder Dome Indoor Soccer League, the girls finished with both championship trophies.

The girls kicked played state-ranked West Morris Soccer Club's premier team in the Premier Division finals. After a fast-paced 40 minutes of play by both teams, they locked in a scoreless dual. Kittatinny United netted all 3 of their attempts to secure their first title of the night. Kittatinny finished a top the standings with a 6-2 record and allowed only nine goals in eight games, including three shutouts.

Kittatinny United in the second championship match overwhelmed the Long Valley Panthers 7-0 in the Flight 1 final. Kittatinny dominated Flight 1 division all season, finishing with an 8-0 record, allowing only 1 goal while tallying 53.

“We want to play the best competition available” said Coach Charlie Templeton. “Winning is a great confidence booster but the main goal is to keep the girls active and getting as many touches on the ball as we can over the winter.

The spring season kicks off in early April.