Joe Biden wants to bridge the gaps

| 25 Jan 2021 | 05:55

    To the Editor:

    Biden’s speech focused on a number of points, but two items stick out. One is not to view other Americans are adversaries. We saw that on January 6 when the Capitol was invaded by serious rightest groups.

    Joe Biden seems to want to bridge the gaps on income, class, and systematic problems that will remain and grew even bigger. For that he must erase the Trump agenda. Yet some prominent conservatives see problems in that approach.

    Biden did eliminate construction on the border wall, which never had a buy in from Mexico and it led to a separation from children, which I thought was an act of streamed hate.

    The horror is that some 600 children have been lost from their parents and put into illegal adoption.

    Are the Conservatives right? For many the answer is no! I remember RFK saying on many occasions “that we can do more and better.” To solve our problems, we must follow Kennedy’s prescriptions, and not those of right wing conservatives.

    Bill Weightman