A dangerous form of campaigning

| 23 Jun 2020 | 01:11

    To the Editor:

    Trump has engaged in a dangerous form of campaigning. Starting with a Tulsa opening, that has long brought horrible memories to African-Americans, of at least 300 African-Americans killed because of their wealth in 1921 with many being thrown into the Arkansas River.

    Yet, there is even more than that. One issue was the relatively low crowd at a smaller stadium, and no afterglow.

    The real issue was the lack of face masks, especially on young people. We know a second level of this pandemic is coming in the fall, and we know Trump staffers are showing rising levels of this smart-like virus that is raising numbers and breaking records throughout the Southern and Western areas like Arizona.

    The call for leadership is not heard from Washington, but the pain and loss is heard now among the young and old.

    Bill Weightman

    Hardyston, N.J.