About Laura Rust’s naive vaccine responses

Vernon /
| 06 Dec 2021 | 06:07

    To the Editor:

    Reader Jonathan Leroux’s thoughtful and common sense letter to Viewpoints contains legitimate questions about the shot. Due to limited space, I can comment on only a few of reader Laura Rust’s responses to his questions.

    “Why are cases spiking in highly vaccinated countries?”

    Enter pathogenic priming, AKA Antibody Dependent Enhancement. ADE is an overstimulation of an immune system response. This can cause severe injuries and death when vaxxed individuals subsequently encounter the wild viruses. ADE causes the virus to become more infectious and according to Dr. Robert Malone, it is therefore the fully vaxxed who are the super spreaders of the virus, not the unvaxxed. So the shot sets all of us up for ever more trouble.

    “Why are pharmaceutical companies not liable for adverse reactions?”

    Why indeed! Reputable companies stand behind their products. But accountability is a foreign concept to Big Pharma. The shot is killing people. So far, 17,604 people have died from the shot. The deaths of some 150-200 people from the shot was an expected toll initially, but we are way beyond that. This doesn’t even address the evidently permanent damage millions are suffering from numerous other shot-caused effects, such as paralysis, miscarriages, tremors, organ failure, brain bleeds, and much more. With odds like that, why are intense pressures still being applied for people to get the shot?

    “Any concern about politicians holding pharmaceutical stock and pharma making money from the vaccine?”

    Conflict of interest issues aside, let’s look at Pfizer’s track record for this year. Two of the main problems with the shot are blood clots and heart inflammation. The shot can lead to both of these severe events. But for those who prefer to bask in the perceived nobility of the drug companies, they will be happy to hear that Pfizer has tossed in a couple of bandaids to deal with both problems. One is Eliquis which treats blood clots. Sales are up 13% for that drug. They also make Vyndagel to treat cardiomyopathy. Sales are up 77% for that one. In just the second quarter of this year alone, Pfizer scored $19 billion. This translates to $110 million a day. Reader Rust writes that pharmaceutical companies could be making much more money if they charged people for the shot. Newsflash: they’re already raking it in.

    Rust naively states that “We are learning as we go and probably want to make sure we are handling it as best as we can and can tweak the response if something better comes along.” The reason vaccines take an average of nine years to develop is to give science the time to do just that. But the jab was cobbled together in nine months. That means there was no time to study its effects. Most of the animals tested died which should have given us pause. Also, the scant amount of human testing done did not include Seniors or anyone with allergies. This skewed the sample group and allowed for a much better result than the shot had any right to claim. And, along with Fauci, and the FDA, Pfizer in particular stopped all testing events after six months so as to limit the side effects which had not enough time to develop and be revealed.

    Dr. Robert Malone is the primary formulator of the mRNA technology that is in use by both Pfizer and Moderna. He is taking every available opportunity to tell people to not get the shot. We really ought to listen to a whistleblower who is putting his career and reputation on the line to warn people against using his own invention.

    Last week, the CDC changed the definition of “Vaccine.” Their original definition stated that a vaccine confers immunity. But people have begun to notice that the shot does nothing of the kind — one can still get Covid (especially if they’ve had the shot!) and if so, one is still contagious. Convenient solution? Slither out from under the heavy weight of truth by changing the definition! A vaccine is now defined by the CDC as something that stimulates the immune system. A noncommittal definition if ever there was one.

    In two interviews conducted the week before Thanksgiving, both Bill Gates and Dr Fauci — business partners since 2000 — finally admitted that the shots don’t work and that there needs to be a new one invented! Yet we are still being told to get the current shot. Does that actually make sense to anybody?

    For those with enough courage to face the truth, I highly recommend RFK Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci. While it sticks in my throat to tout a Liberal Democrat, it must be noted that on the subject of the shot, RFK has it exactly right on every point. Filled with facts that have surfaced as recently as early November, the book is exhaustively resourced and an electrifying read. It will strip readers of any comforting illusions they may have entertained about the corporate, governmental, and pharmaceutical evils that have coalesced to force this toxic bio-weapon upon every human being on the planet. Read it and weep . . . at least you’ll finally know the truth.

    Sue C. Speck