An update from the Ogdensburg Historical Society

| 04 Sep 2020 | 08:27

    Although we are beginning to hope for a return to normality, we are going to continue to remain cautious in planning programs for the remainder of this year. There will be no September meeting and our annual

    “Candidates Night” in October will not take place. We are hoping that our December Christmas meeting will occur. We would also like to consider a late Fall “picnic” at the SHMM to take the place of our June picnic at the SHMM that was cancelled due to the pandemic. We will inform you if it becomes a possibility. I am afraid that our Ethnic Supper, in October, at the school will also have to be cancelled.

    On another note, we are happy to inform you that a gutter has been installed on the entrance to the Museum. No longer will you have to receive a “shower” in addition to the rain when entering the building. Please take note that I have changed my email address to: Stay safe, be healthy.

    John F. Kibildis