'Get your crying towels ready'

10 Dec 2019 | 03:12

    Since my intellect and prodigious vocabulary have proven to be too much for you to comprehend, and so that you won't have to run for your Websters anymore, I'l limit my remarks to words simplistic enough to penetrate even your pea-brained skull...So listen up, Schnackenberg, for I'm about to school you and any others who think as you do, for the last time.

    The Democrats have absolutely no chance whatsoever at defeating Donald J. in 2020...none. The impeachment face has actually helped, not harmed or hindered Trump in the least, as America realizes that the trio of treason (i.e. Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler), alone with the idiotic quartet known as the core four, are all desperately searching in vain for anything to promote their fallacious narrative. They, unlike all of the Democratic candidates, and you, are clowns, and nothing more.

    You know, it's funny how you have to virtually plagiarize the gist of all of my letters (only in reverse) in order to respond. I guess because like most "Dummycrats," you have no originality or viable ideas of your own, which is why Donald J. is going to be the president for the next five years, guaranteed. So to all with the Democratic allegiance, I say once again, get your crying towels ready, cause a Republican landslide victory is almost assuredly right around the corner...What's that? You don't like lollipops? Well, then suck on that.

    Gregory Agen