How green is a Green Acres site, if the trees are removed?

06 Jan 2020 | 02:59

The Green Acres program in NJ is designed to “preserve and enhance NJ’s natural environment." Based on what the town of Newton did to the Green Acres lot on Overlook Drive, they forgot the mission of the program. A large amount of trees on the property were destroyed, not trimmed, but cut to the ground. Why?

The town has no clear answer, just hemming and hawing.

I understand trimming trees along roads, but complete destruction of a wooded area is a travesty. This destruction has created a loss of habitat for many birds and small mammals in the area.

Also, without the trees, erosion is more likely, and a buffer between the neighborhood and the noise of route 94 has been lessened. What a shame. The trees were mainly beautiful evergreens and shrubs with periwinkle ground cover. Unfortunately, I do not have a before cutting photo. Who would have known they would do what they did?

Another thing, at the same time they were cutting down the trees they took the fence away making the site accessible to the public - something that should have been done years ago. Green Acres sites must be accessible to the public.

Mary Rapuano