Ignoring Biden’s indiscretions

19 Oct 2020 | 06:54

    To the Editor:

    Several weeks ago, someone wrote a letter discussing President Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, asking why Russia was working to get Trump re-elected. While it is true the CIA found Russia is trying to interfere in our election on behalf of Trump, the letter ignores the fact that the same CIA report found China and Iran are trying to interfere on behalf of Biden.

    So, why is China working so hard to get Biden elected? This is not a personal attack on the author who wrote this, nor am I interested in trolling him. I am interested in a balanced discussion on the two men running for the most important position in the world because we need to be honestly informed. So, please allow me to present some counters to the aforementioned article.

    According to a CIA report, and even an article on CNN, violent crime is down during President Trump’s term. In fact, President Trump has effectively combated human trafficking and MS-13 gangs according to multiple reports, though the actual numbers could be argued.

    Regarding the Affordable Care Act, Republicans should have done a better job having the replacement they keep calling for ready, but President Trump did sign an executive order that pre-existing conditions should be protected. There is no doubt the ACA helped some people, yet at the same time, how many of you lost your health care provider because of the ACA? Biden’s healthcare plan will only make it worse for us. The article from a few weeks ago also says America is first in the world in Covid cases, but we don’t have accurate numbers from Russia or China. China isn’t even in the top 10 because they are lying about their numbers. If it wasn’t for President Trump shutting down travel to China when he did in January, something Biden called xenophobic, many more people would’ve contracted Covid.

    Lastly, the article discusses Trump’s indiscretions with women. No one will defend the president on this and no one should. At the same time we need to acknowledge Biden’s behavior of smelling girls’ hair and making them uncomfortable to the accusation of Biden sexually assaulting Tara Reade among others. We can’t discuss one without discussing the other.

    Joe Biden is not a good guy. And this is the main point. We are electing not just a person this year, but an ideology. Joe Biden says how awful this country is and is easily swayed by those around him, while President Trump understands how great, albeit imperfect, America is and this is the kind of leader we need in the White House for the next four years.

    Michael Cuozzo