Only I can save you

28 Sep 2020 | 06:51

    Remember back in 2016 I was elected because I promised you whatever you asked for -- even though I had no idea how to deliver it or intention of delivering it .

    Well I am back and want your vote again.

    Last time you saw me as a successful millionaire (billionaire) businessman who was going to “drain the swamp” and bring peace and prosperity to the regular guy and gal. These four years have spoken loud and clear to the man I really am.

    1. A liar -- not just any garden variety liar, but a liar like you didn’t know existed. I lie about major things, minor things, and everything in between. I twist the truth spoken by others to benefit my narcissistic view of myself. How would you feel if your personal physician, financial planner, spouse or religious leader lied to you in this manner?

    2. Superior knowledge -- I know more than anyone -- economists, medical experts, the generals -- you name an expert, my knowledge is superior, even though I seldom read. Let’s look at some examples. Tariffs on foreign imports. Jacking up the prices for the American consumer and in-kind retaliation by foreign countries, thereby restricting the sale of American goods.

    Who can forget my brilliant statement on taking bleach into my body to prevent coronavirus? The medical experts still have not espoused that one. Let’s not forget healthcare -- I promised more plans, better plans and for less cost. Plans that would cross state lines, plans that would replace Obamacare (thanks to John McCain that wasn’t successful) and leave 20 million Americans without coverage. Did I tell you about my replacement plan? I didn’t because I do not have one. Four years and I still don’t have one. Let’s not forget the generals from all branches of the armed services. What do they know? If it wasn’t for my bone spurs, I would have the same firsthand knowledge they do. Thank God my superior intellect lets me see the fallacy of their ways.

    3. Deal maker and negotiator -- These skills are very useful since so many of my close associates (personal and business) have been arrested and convicted of felonies or arrested and awaiting trial. What was it your mother said “birds of a feather flock together.” These skills also come in handy for “quid pro quo.” Combined with lies this is unbeatable. Oh by the way, foreign leaders laugh at my negotiating skills. Just ask John Bolton.

    4. Racist, homophobic, belittler of women, white supremist supporter. Need I say more .

    5. But, the best for last -- I am torn between two. Being captain of the ship that lost 200,000 passengers to the coronavirus, or my biggest disservice to democracy and the American way -- my treatment of immigrants and in particular the separating of children from parents and parents from children .This is my legacy. Give me four more years, and I will show you how to double down on what I have already accomplished.

    6. Do whatever it takes. Make sure you vote. (But not for me.)

    Jay C. Smith