The hateful words directed at Republicans will only strengthen their resolve

| 16 Nov 2020 | 06:54

    People like Michael Schnackenberg are part the problem causing the divide in America. Although his indiscretion as far as I know is simply name calling, it represents a symbol of the violence directed at republicans across the country. Why did big cities board up their stores before election day? They were not fearing a Democrat victory and then violence from Republicans. They were worried about a Republican win that would spur the violence. What happened when Republicans descended this past weekend on Washington DC for a peaceful protest. It was very peaceful but when the sun set the violence began. They were assaulted by the liberal progressive counter protesting Democrats that marched with signs directing their supporters to punch the republicans in the face. Most of these punches were to the back of the head.

    The hats and flags of Republican supporters were violently stolen and burned. Republicans trying to enjoy a peaceful outdoor dinner came under attack by fireworks. Why do these people feel empowered and justified to cause this violence? Why has Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville, New York City, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Kenosha and more been looted and burned after peaceful daytime protests?

    It’s the constant hateful words of people like Schnackenberg, the Hollywood elite and the liberal progressive media he supports that makes them believe this is what America wants. The lack of police protection and the lack of consequences for these crimes just encourages them to continue. Over 73 million people voted for a Republican to control the white house. That is 4 million more votes than any winner had previously received. The policies of the Republican Party are the reasons why so many people gave them their vote. The hateful words directed at Republicans, the violence directed at Republicans and the looting and rioting that takes place around the country will only strengthen their resolve to keep American great.

    Tom Finocchio