Welcome to the United States of Socialism

| 16 Nov 2020 | 06:50

    To the Editor:

    OMG Mr. Schnackenberg. A new day might be dawning in America. It is so sad that it might bring this knucklehead as the leader of this great country. Gloating is so unbecoming to all of the supporters of this new day. We Trump supporters have been called deplorables and racists and much worse than that. We have been told that we need to be held accountable for supporting a candidate of our choice and that we need to be put on a list so that we will not be able to obtain employment because of our support. Your “man” talks about uniting and that he will govern all of us even if we did not vote for him no red or blue states yet his supporters tear down Trump signs on front lawns, throw rocks and break bottles on peoples’ property. Is this what uniting is all about. I thought that I lived in a free country where one was allowed to support who they choose but apparently now that you Democrats are gloating your so-called victory, cancel culture has taken over and if you disagree, we are silenced by your media and talk show hosts. Shame on all of you.

    So let’s figure out what you possibly have chosen? A “con man” whose 47 years in public office achieved nothing for the good of the people except to acquire outrageous sums of monies in the millions of dollars in salaries, fees and speaking engagements for himself let alone allowing his son to grant access to him (while Vice President under President Obama) by foreign countries all the while using yours and mine tax dollars for his son, Hunter and his family to land cushy jobs and business contracts ultimately making them millions of dollars. Liar, whatever he said one day would be reversed the next in the pursuit of his election goals. Allowing fracking not allowing fracking, tax only the rich, no Green New Deal just the transformation from this to that. Elitist, he has no use for people of a certain economic class since he has done nothing in his forty-seven years to enhance their lives and also, people who do not embrace his far left views. A moderate – don’t make me laugh. Immoral, it was he who stood behind unsuspecting females of all ages to take a scent of their hair or perfume and proceeding to place his hands on them while inconspicuously polishing his own belt buckle.

    Those are some of the possibilities of the dawning of a new day in America. To all of you who have supported this New Day – welcome to the United States of Socialism. Hold onto your pocket books because this is only the beginning of the end.

    Jochem R. Kresse