Where do we go from here?

29 Jan 2020 | 12:16

    Mr. Klumpp obviously is not one of the deplorable MAGA haters and probably seethes every day he either sees or hears President Trump speak, and probably hates every day he has to live under his rule.

    I could go point-by-point to Mr. Klumpp; but I realize this would be fruitless as he is on one side of the fence, and I am on the other.

    So the question is ... Where do we go from here? I imagine that each being on one side of the fence or the other is our Country's largest hurdle to overcome.

    In order to become a stronger; united Country, we must have bipartisan debates and respect each others view in the process. Then, just maybe, we could be the Country we all want to live in!

    Mr. Klumpp's final point is.... "Let those who have eyes, see. Let those who have ears, hear." I would suggest Mr. Klumpp heed his own words.

    Art Rinkle