Why is Huawei seen as dangerous?

| 23 Jun 2020 | 11:57

    To the Editor:

    The supposed reason noted by the Trump Administration is the Chinese giant is accused of espionage and IP or intellectual property theft, and I agree with that notion in part.

    The ban is heavily related to 5G technology. This technology will have great consequences beyond telecommunications. The technology is tied to China’s Belt and the Road so called soft power project. Instead of these projects helping poor nations, they are facing great debt to China, and are falling prey to economic blackmail when it comes to payback of loans.

    Normal soft power, as preached by the U.S. does not lead to bankruptcies. The U.S. got a wake up call when the U.K. adopted Huawei. Basically, Huawei is accused of presenting a real espionage threat to U.S. security agencies. Our nation has warned that Huawei equipment could be used to create a backdoor into foreign mobile and US data networks. On Huawei in the U.K., one U.S. spy chief noted the action there is like giving a loaded gun to spy on the U.K.

    Bill Weightman