Dance company reaches for the stars

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:17

    VERNON-The Dance Expression Dance Company performed at the "Reach for the Stars" Regional Dance Competition on Sunday, Nov. 14, in Wall. The dancers were honored with the following: Caitlin Potosnak of Vernon and Skye Patete of Stockholm were awarded Gold Awards for their lyrical duet "I Will Be Your Friend" and their open duet, "Candy Coated Valentine". A Gold Award was presented to: Caitlin Potosnak of Vernon for her jazz solo "Feeling Good," Skye Patete of Stockholm for her lyrical solo "Reprise," Tina Forder of Branchville for her Modern Solo "Color Blind," Gina Forder of Branchville for her open solo, "Fixing a Whole," and Ashley Whelan of Stockholm for her jazz solo, "He's a Dream." "Dancing thru OZ," The Dance Expression Dance Company production number, was awarded a Gold Medal along with "Cell Block Tango," Senior Musical Theatre Large Group and "Go to Rio," Large Group Senior Jazz Line, which also received a special "CAN CAN" Award. The dancers included: Sarah Wright, Colette DeGrezia, Nicole DeGrezia, Caitlin Potosnak, Ellen McGovern, Skye Patete, Allison Avery, Ashley Whelan, Tara Gasparovic, LeighAnn Kabatra, Gina Forder, Tina Forder, Gabrielle Carpenter, Chloe Jaretsky, Deena Spaner, Rachel Nass, Samantha Chastain, Morgan Tarantino, Shelby Drake, Katelyn McElkenny, Megan Murdock, Leanna Grennan, Kaleigh Hayes, Michelle Imparato, Brielle Crowe, LeighAnn Lorenzetti, Brittany Pakestein, Anna Porter, Brianna Smith, Angela Vitrano, Keara Jenkins, Alyssa Wille, Renea Rossi, Rebecca Beltramine, Samantha Lorenzetti and Sharon Lembo.