Byram gets its saying regarding Route 206

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:56

    Byram - Sometimes just getting things off your chest is enough to make everything feel better, even if it doesn't change anything in the end. And that just may be the case resulting from this week's meeting between Byram Township officials, Senator Robert Littell and state Department of Transportation officials. After repeated requests, Byram officials finally got their chance to meet with those sitting in the Route 206 expansion driver seat and air their concerns, primarily focusing on the design of the project and Byram's lack of inclusion in the process. According to Town Manager Greg Poff, the meeting produced a better understanding among the parties. "Everyone sitting in the room was hoping for reconciliation and the ability to move the project forward," said Poff. "We wanted to try and facilitate greater cooperation between the state and the township." Poff added that the discussions were not a one-way street. "The DOT discussed the proposed plan in place and provided reasons for why that is." Although Senator Littell's office held little hope that any substantive changes could be made in the project at this late date, more than just the airing of grievances may come from the session. According to Poff, the DOT will now go back and look at some design issues highlighted by Byram officials. "In regards to design, particularly on the area of Acorn Street and Waterloo Road, the department is to go back and look and different design options and get back to the township by the end of October," said Poff. Councilmen Earl Riley and Jim Oscovitch who attended the meeting, will give a full report to the entire council during next week's council session.