Get kids involved in home projects

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    Home-improvement projects aren’t just for adults anymore. Kids are residents of the home too, so it’s only fitting to get their input on remodeling and redecorating your home - especially if you’re redoing the nursery or the kids’ space. If children are involved, they’ll be more likely to take care of the furniture and willing to help with low-key remodeling tasks. Even better, it offers an ideal opportunity to bond with your child. So take out the overalls and painter’s caps. Here are some easy ways that kids can get in touch with their inner interior designer: • Solicit kids’ ideas on paint schemes. Don’t ask what color they want — you’ll overwhelm them with this open-ended question (and you’ll be overwhelmed by the answers). Put a few paint swatches in front of them and have them rank their favorites. • Use kids’ advice to make cabinets child-friendly. Even if you aren’t remodeling all of your kitchen and bath cabinets, you can inexpensively update their look with new knobs. There are a host of kid-friendly geometric-shaped knobs or bright-colored handles in fun shapes. • Instead of nagging your son to clean his room, why not make cleanup enjoyable? If kids have input in their storage system, they are more likely to keep spaces clutter-free. Take them to a home-goods store and show them colorful bins, toy chests, shelving units, rolling carts and other attractive storage solutions. Introduce them to wall organizers with pockets to hold shoes and toys. And teddy bears and dolls don’t just have to adorn a bed. See if they like corner shelving, or stretch mesh netting between two walls that can function as a stuffed-animal hammock. • If you are in the market for a “big-kid bed,” let your toddler help select it. Depending on your space and preference, you can get a twin-size bed, or jump right to a full or queen. Day and trundle beds are space savers that can house sleepover guests and be used in a guest room later on. • A new comforter, duvet or sheet set changes the whole look of a room. Encourage your child to choose a reversible one for even more design options. That way, there will be no tears if it gets stained. Just flip it, and it’s good as new (Don’t forget to wash or get it cleaned it later!) • Kids spend a lot of time on the floor, playing games or chasing after their pets. That’s why they’ll be happy to give their input on flooring. Let them pick a plush carpet for their bedroom or the living room that feels nice on their feet. Instead of ripping up your bathroom or kitchen floor, update it with kid-friendly appliques such as fish or plants. • When indoors, kids are often found propped in front of the TV or sprawled out on the couch. Make their down-time comfy. They can help choose a big colorful pillow, or they can give input on a warm and fuzzy blanket throw. • Don’t expect the process to be quick and clean, but kids can lend a hand in painting. Toddlers can decorate walls with sponges, rubber stamps or handprints. Older kids can hammer nails and screw in screws, with supervision. Get your kids involved in home decorating and your house will be full of love. And maybe you’ll see that you have a future interior decorator or contractor in your midst.