Hands-on, hands-in compost workshop

| 15 Feb 2012 | 09:29

    WANTAGE — A hands-on workshop about composting will be held on Sunday, Oct. 2, from noon to 2 p.m. at The Medicine Wheel Garden at Lusscroft Farm, 50 Neilson Road in Wantage. This workshop is an in-depth look at composting, an integral part in the system of growth. Notions of composting will be discussed and the process will be demonstrated. The program will be co-led by Paul Cardillo, Garden Designer at Lusscroft Farm and Brian Hennessey, Agriculture Education Program Chair of the Heritage and Agricultural Association at Lusscroft Farm. Suggested donation is $10 or $5 with two bags of brown leaves. Please reserve your place by calling 973-903-2895 or emailing kimmlatham@gmail.com This program has been arranged by Transition Newton and North West NJ, a grassroots movement concerned about the effects of climate change, peak oil and economic instability, with the goal to foster the development of a resilient localized community. Transition Newton hosts an environmental event the third Thursday of every month, sponsored by the Green Sanctuary Committee of the Unitarian Fellowship. For more information visit www.transitionnewton.org or call 973-903-2895.